For the crystal lover in you!

So you have all these wonderful crystals, now what?

Crystals are beneficial in so many ways throughout our lives. They do so much to help us and often we forge that they themselves need recharged and cleansed. As they do their work for us they can become depleted of their energy and absorb negativity from people they are helping. Crystals also absorb energies from people who have handled and sold them on their journey to you. There are also some crystals that never need charged and do their own cleansing. My personal favorite of these is selenite. Here at Ariel's Naturals anything you purchase has been cleared, cleansed and Reiki charged for your greatest good. 

The good news is that whatever you don't purchase here or may have at home already can be cleansed and recharged easily! 

There are many methods you can employ. Here are a few, try them and choose which one is right for you! Remember that any water soluble crystals should not be immersed in liquid.

Using a Crystal Pendulum:

~ Hold a selenite pendulum over the crystal being cleansed. Pass the pendulum moonwise (counterclockwise) in a circular motion over the crystal nine times. This will remove any negativity. light a sage smudge stick and pass the selenite pendulum through the smoke circling nine times in the direction of the pendulums choice. this will clear the negativity further. then pass the pendulum over the crystal 9 times in a sunwise (clockwise) motion to recharge and restore its energy. And aha, you're done!! 

Selenite is a naturally self cleansing and recharging stone, however you can always be proactive by placing it in the full moonlight every month or smudging it with sage. 

Cleansing and recharging with salt water:

~ Add three pinches of salt to a small bowl of water, stir moonwise (clockwise) with a clear moon charged clear crystal. Sprinkle three circles of salt around the bowl moving outwards as you sprinkle. As you do this ask your angels or power you believe in to clear and recharge this crystal removing all darkness from it. 

Smudging with Sage, Palo Santo or Cedar:

~Light your smudge stick, and before you begin face each of the four directions East, South, West, North starting with East as the sun rises. As you do so evoke the energies and positive flow of each direction and that which it represents. Ask the the guardians of the direction will cleanse and empower your crystals. As you do so raise your smudge stick high above your head and crown chakra and bring it to your heart chakra, bow and turn. Upon returning to the direction of east ask Mother earth and father sky to cleanse and empower your crystals. Spiral your smudge stick alternately upward and downward, combining anti clockwise and clockwise smoke rings. Repeat the mantra "Above, around, to the ground, peace and love surround."Circle the crystals in the smoke. 

Cleansing crystals using the flow of nature:

~ Set up a space to leave your crystals in the light and energy of the full moon and the sun for a minimum of 24 hours. The center day of the full moon is best because the moon rises around the time the sun sets and this allows you to have a continuous flow of energy. (You may use the day before and the day after as well. However the center when the moon is at peak is the best.) 

More to come...