For the crystal lover in you!
Our products are so safe they are almost edible! Because taking care of you and yours matters to us.
Welcome to Ariel's Naturals! 
We are a family owned and run whole body, mind, and spiritual care company. 
We believe that your body is your temple and it deserves the best and most pure care you can give it. 
That's why all of our body care products are completely free of any synthetics and man made ingredients! We strive to give you the most natural and pure from the earth products for your body, mind, spirit and soul! Energetically charged with Reiki, Angels, Love and Crystals, we have what you need! 
Because you're family is so important we have products for everyone and every space! Mama, Baby, Daddy, Brothers, Sisters, the whole family! We carry many products for the home and office as well! Be sure to check out our events and on goings as we build community and empower others! 
And if you don't see what you need then send in your need! We do special requests daily! Let us feed your need. 
In operation since 2011 Ariel has been creating and nurturing others. The journey began in 2010 with the pregnancy of her first son. Leading a natural and organic lifestyle she wanted nothing but the best on her body and baby. When she kept running into one synthetic chemical or another in store bought products she decided it was time to pursue making her own, her education and journey began and a dream was born. Ariel's naturals has pioneered the way for many to lead a healthier and happier life, worry free of toxins and synthetics. 
Ariel also offers Herbal and Nutritional advice for all stages of life. She assists clients in identifying symptoms and possible remedies or can recommend new strategies for nutrition. She coaches clients to understand the deficiencies that are causing symptoms and the food and herbal remedies that are known to turn these challenges around.
Through Holistic and Natural Life Coaching she offers clients the help and support they need to identify with the life they want, what needs to change for that to happen and how to do it! Live the Healthy, Happy, Joyful life you want now!
To learn more about the company and Ariel's Holistic Life Coaching, Classes, Reiki Healing and HypnoBirthing Practice currently located in Harleysville, PA a suburb of Philadelphia, PA  please visit our FaceBook and blog! Also be sure to follow us on Facebook for specials, coupons and events! Healthy recipes are posted regularly. 
Let us help you have peace of mind, heart, body, soul and spirit!
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Please contact us with any questions or to order products or find out about classes offered! I look forward to meeting you!